Factors to Consider When Comparing the Price of Spay and Neuters

When it comes time to have your pet spayed or neutered, it is important to consider what is included in the price of the procedure.  The following questions will determine the QUALITY of care your pet will receive:

1) At the time of surgery, will my pet be under general anesthesia? Will there be an endotracheal tube placed?

This is important, Isoflurane, is used in inhalation anesthesia.  Induction and recovery from anesthesia with Isoflurane are rapid.  The level of anesthesia may be changed rapidly with Isoflurane.  The Endotracheal tube is placed to allow control of oxygen and Isoflurane that your pet will receive, as well an unobstructed path for respiration.

2)  Will my pet have pre-anesthetic bloodwork ran to reduce anesthetic risk and potential unforeseen complications?

This is an important consideration since no anesthesia is without risk.  Problems arise and it is important to assess the blood chemistries or complete blood count immediately before surgery reducing so many potential risks.

3) Will my pet’s blood pressure be monitored during anesthesia?

For the reasons mentioned above, this is vital, if the pressure is low, measures must be taken to normalize it immediately.

4) Will my pet’s EKG, blood oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide levels be monitored during surgery?

Changes in any of these parameters can indicate a problem which can then be remedied.

5) Will high potency (Schedule II) narcotics be used in the pain management protocol for my pet?

Schedule II narcotics are the most potent drugs available for the control of acute pain, many practices do not use these drugs for a variety of reasons including lack of familiarity with them and having to deal with the strict regulations regarding ordering and storing them.

6) Will my pet be warm during the procedure?

The answer is YES, we provide a warming blanket during surgery.  We also have the capability of warmed IV fluid if the need arises. We also place an internal thermometer to have a constant visual of warming/cooling trends for your pet.


The Answer for those above questions are YES, Companion Animal Hospital provides all of these to ensure your pets surgical experience is as safe as we can make it for them.  If you have any further questions please feel free to ask our staff.